How well do we know the places we’ve been and how well do we remember them? Your morning commute. A drive down the coast. Vacations to places and cultures far from home. We can recall landmarks, sights, sounds, smells, and even moods, but how often do we pay attention to color?

In Local Color: Observing Place Through Watercolor, recently published by Princeton Architectural Press, Mimi Robinson guides us through the process of seeing, recording, and knowing the palettes that characterize place. Robinson provides a framework for being sensitive to the colors around us through fourteen practices, each centered around a single focus:

ARTIST, DESIGNER, AND EDUCATOR MIMI ROBINSON began creating color palettes inspired by place for her own painting. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Robinson has worked extensively in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Caribbean, partnering with artisan communities that promote and honor the use of traditional skills and local materials to build small businesses for artisans that incorporate their artistic legacies.

"Capturing the world’s color palettes in watercolor"

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